Authentication and Authorization Project for Visa

Visa is one of the three major credit card companies in USA. We have provided architecture and deployment services for consumer-facing authentication and authorization infrastructure for Visa Checkout.

Visa Checkout Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure

For the visionary project of Visa Checkout (then called, Visa team had to create Web and Mobile application that would scale to support millions of consumers. Within the larger requirement of application scalability, scalable infrastructure for authentication and authorization of access by consumers was required. Visa had previous experience with CA Siteminder (re-branded as CA Single Sign On) product and had decided to use it for Visa Checkout project as well. Visa contracted with us to architect and deploy authentication and authorization infrastructure using Siteminder.

Our small team of experts in Siteminder defined the requirements with the business team and developed an architectural blueprint using RUP methodology. Using the architecture document as the basic guideline, we factored in the changing requirements and constructed the infrastructure using Siteminder configuration along with development of some custom components. The deployment was carried out in various environments for the project – dev, qa, perf, staging and finally production. Along the way we worked very closely with Computer Associates to get defects fixed as we discovered them.

The project went live successfully with very sophisticated feature set for authentication and authorization.