Cloud Identity Management Project for VMWare

VMWare is the premier visualization company based in Silicon Valley.

Migration from Oracle Identity Management to TriCipher Cloud Identity Management

VMWare had been using Oracle Identity Management solutions for authentication and access management to Web apps. VMWare was aggressively migrating from on-premises Web Apps to cloud applications from various vendors. Most of the vendors supported SAML based Identity Federation and Single Sign On (SSO). VMWare had acquired TriCipher cloud Identity Management and Federation company. It made perfect sense to provide Single Sign On to vendor cloud applications using TriCipher. The approach allowed VMWare to leverage existing connectors to various applications provided by TriCipher and also allowed VMWare to get away from expensive Oracle solution.

We completed a proof-of-concept (POC) implementation to federate to most important of the cloud applications. At the completion of the project, VMWare users (identities) could seamlessly access all of the POC applications without having to login into them separately. Log in to VMWare Identity Provider (IdP) allowed user to access applications through SAML federation.

The project POC paved path for future SSO integration with many cloud applications that VMWare was using by defining a cookie-cutter process for SSO integration.